Hi everyone, I’m Amy and welcome to my baking blog.

img_4369-1Tilly’s Treats was established in 2017 after my love of home baking quickly expanded into a small local family business. I’ve always baked since I can remember but I began baking quite frequently back in 2012 and my new love affair with it began.

My son Harri was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3 (he’s now almost 11!) and I left my job as an administrative assistant in a Goverment agency to be able to spend more time with him and take care of his needs. Baking became a form of relaxation and a release from all the stresses and strains of daily life and my kitchen was my sanctuary.

05638DE5-47BE-4942-855C-423C80D80C05Over the years my passion for baking grew stronger and stronger. I would spend hours in the kitchen baking anything and everything that interested me and most of the treats I would give away to family, friends and acquaintances.

I started to receive great feedback and my confidence grew, to the point that my partner suggested I start turning what I love into a business. People were starting to ask if they could place orders for birthday’s and occasions so I thought why not? I had nothing to lose and it seemed like a good opportunity.


I registered as a business in April 2017 and named it after my daughter Tilly (now almost 3) as she was such an inspiration to me. She used to be (and still is my biggest fan) plus I thought the name had a nice ring to it!

35870817-CE42-47E5-AB08-2EE2957F2CB6Things got exceptionally busy over the next few months and by September 2017 we (me and partner) opened our first cake shop in Swansea to try and make our goods more accessible to others. Things went from strength to strength and in a few short weeks we outgrew the small premises we were in. We closed the shop in January 2018 and moved to bigger premises. Unfortunately, even though the business was doing very well and the demand was there, the stress of baking, running the business as well as trying to maintain a healthy work/balance took its toll on me and my mental health and we decided to close our doors in May 2018.

A88C8E21-5805-44CA-A2A2-A2C3FF6B869D.jpegI had lots of time to reflect on things over the past few months and even though I was not in the best place I never gave up baking. It’s just something I love, its part of who I am and I cannot imagine never baking. Now I can do it without any stress or pressure and just enjoy it again.

So I decided to set up this blog to share my passion with you, hopefully helping to inspire you to bake and to offer any help, guidance, support and advice that I can. I am not an expert and everything I have learnt is self taught but I am happy to offer the knowledge that I have gained along the way to others. I am still learning along the way too!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Lots of love and happy baking!

Amy x